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Giving birth is a beautiful process, but without a top-notch support system, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by it. A doula from My Doula Grand Rapids, LLC can provide the pregnancy support you need in Grand Rapids, MI.

You can turn your pregnancy into a team effort when you call on us for help. We provide...

Prenatal support
Pregnancy support
Labor support
Postpartum support
Emotional support

You'll feel confident and prepared before, during and after giving birth when you've worked with a doula. Call 616-560-0774 now to learn more about our process.

Our mission

Your comfort and confidence are our priorities when it comes to your pregnancy. We pride ourselves on following the words of Anjli Aurora Hinman, CNM and founder of the Atlanta Birth Center:

"Birth matters, and I believe the way a child is brought into the world has an important impact on the rest of life. Helping with that transition is an honor."

You'll be in good hands when you come to our birth doulas for support. Schedule our first meeting today.

Why choose us for pregnancy support?

Handling a pregnancy is a big job, so you'll need a qualified team behind you. We go into homes, hospitals and birth centers to meet you wherever you feel comfortable giving birth. When you have a professionally certified birth doula, you'll rest easy knowing we'll be allowed in hospitals to assist you, even when facing restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Call 616-560-0774 to arrange for a birth doula you can depend on.

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